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Hyperthermia is the oldest oncology treatment in medicine .
Contrary of this it is not generally
accepted as conventional therapy. The problem is its controversial performance. The controversy is
originated from the complications of the deep heating and the selection (focusing) of the heat-effect.
These challenges are based on bio-physical and engineering problems. This was the reason why the
oncotherm development was made by biophysical origins. Oncothermia is a further development of
the traditional, more than two thousand years old oncological hyperthermia method. It solves such
technical problems, which were blocking the stable applications. The idea of oncothermia solves the
selective deep action on nearly cellular resolution . The main idea is connected to the electric field
effect of cancer, worked out by the Karolinska Institute, Sweden [4]. The effect of electric field is a
hot topic in science, used in other treatment modalities also . Oncotherm
company was one of the firsts who constructed treatment unit, and shown it to the medical
community, [11]. The results were amazing, . However, the method was invasive, and the request
of the non-invasive safe method was the market demand. This was the start of the oncothermia
development in early 1990s. From that time the method was rapidly developing and clearly proven
. Note, the electric field effect is widely applied on lower frequencies also . Recently the
field became very active  and a clinical trials of other field methods are also in progress
  • Cancer is very complex disease in its various manifestations. In recent years scientists had achieved remarkable scientific  breakthroughs in this area, which has increased the diversity of treatment offering patients a multiple options of different treatment to give them hope for health recovery and increase their quality of life 
  • The Center foster holistic and patient centered approach.
  • Dar Al-Shifa refuse the common saying of a one- size - suits all method to cancer treatment, the center believes that each medical case should be considered on its merits, where each patients needs a unique treatment plan.

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